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TC-50 Towable Telescoping Conveyor for California Projects

Stout Conveyors, a trusted leader in material handling solutions, unveils the TC-50 – a game-changer for construction projects across California. This ingenious telescoping conveyor tackles tough jobs with ease, maximizing efficiency and transforming how you manage materials.

Reach Farther, Place Precisely:

  • The TC-50 boasts a best-in-class 50-foot telescopic reach, extendable by an additional 20 feet for slinging. No more struggling to reach tight spaces – conquer any material placement challenge.

  • Effortlessly maneuver around your worksite with the TC-50’s impressive 240° turning radius.

Simple Operation, Supercharged Results:

  • Take control with the TC-50’s intuitive control panel. Personalize settings for any project, ensuring smooth operation and peak efficiency.

  • Reduce downtime and boost productivity – the TC-50 streamlines material handling, saving you time and money.

Built to Thrive on the Job:

  • Engineered for relentless durability, the TC-50 withstands demanding conditions and heavy loads, keeping your projects on track.

  • Safety is paramount. The TC-50 prioritizes operator well-being with integrated guards, proximity sensors, and emergency stops for a secure work environment.

A Conveyor for All Seasons:

  • The TC-50 isn’t just a construction powerhouse. Its versatility extends to warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, and beyond.

  • Handle a wide range of materials, from concrete and mulch to sand and gravel, with ease.

The TC-50: Efficiency at Your Fingertips

  • Optimize material handling, minimize manual labor, and slash overall costs with the TC-50.

  • This innovative conveyor is a strategic investment, boosting productivity and revolutionizing your California construction projects.

Ready to Experience the TC-50 Difference?

Contact Stout Conveyors today! Learn how the TC-50 can transform your material handling and elevate your projects to new heights. Call us at 216.570.2788 or reach out online. Experience the future of efficiency with the TC-50 portable telescoping conveyor.