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Take Tennessee Projects to the Next Level with the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor

Boost Efficiency and Conquer Challenges on your Tennessee construction or landscaping projects with the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor from Stout Conveyors. This innovative slinger conveyor is built for durability and adapts to handle a wide range of materials, making it the perfect choice for various conveyor solutions.

Reach Farther, Place Precisely:

  • The TC-50 boasts an impressive telescoping reach of over 50 feet, with an extra 20 feet for slinging. This allows for accurate material placement, even in hard-to-reach areas, saving you time and effort on your Tennessee construction projects.

Reliable Material Movement, Anywhere:

  • Featuring a sturdy 14-inch conveyor belt, the TC-50 tackles demanding jobs and rough terrain with ease. The vulcanized splice ensures dependable material movement and distribution, keeping your Tennessee projects on schedule. This construction conveyor is for sale now and can handle anything from dirt and soil to concrete!

Clean Operation, Minimal Downtime:

  • A built-in tungsten carbide belt scraper keeps the TC-50 clean and minimizes maintenance needs. This translates to fewer interruptions and smoother operations for your Tennessee projects.

Versatility You Can Count On:

  • The TC-50 maneuvers effortlessly through confined spaces, standing at just 9 feet tall. It handles a variety of materials, from gravel and topsoil to concrete, ensuring a streamlined workflow no matter the task. Whether you need a mobile conveyor or a trailer conveyor, the TC-50 is the answer.

Power Through Any Project:

  • Equipped with a reliable Kubota engine and a top-notch hydraulic system, the TC-50 delivers the power you need to tackle even the most challenging Tennessee jobs. Work efficiently and get the job done right.

The Reliable Choice for Tennessee:

  • With its Telebelt system, sturdy frame, easy maintenance access, and secure braking mechanism, the TC-50 is a trusted choice for dependable performance on Tennessee projects.

Unlock the TC-50 Advantage Today!

Transform your Tennessee projects with the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor. Contact Stout Conveyors today at 216.570.2788 or reach out online to learn more. Experience the future of material handling and elevate your construction and landscaping projects to new heights.