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Conquer Any Texas Jobsite with the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor

Stout Conveyors revolutionizes Texas construction with the TC-50, a game-changing telescoping conveyor. This isn’t just a concrete conveyor – it’s a versatile material handling conveyor that tackles dirt, aggregate, and more.

Effortless Efficiency, Maximum Control:

  • Intuitive controls empower you to customize operations for any project, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity with this mobile conveyor.

  • The telescoping design reaches 50 feet and extends an extra 20 feet for slinging, making it the perfect slinger conveyor for tight spaces. Plus, the 240° turning radius ensures exceptional maneuverability on any jobsite.

Safety Built In, Savings Delivered:

  • Operator safety is our top priority. The TC-50 boasts advanced guarding, emergency stops, and proximity sensors for a secure work environment.

  • Built Texas tough: This trailer conveyor withstands demanding conditions and heavy loads, keeping your projects on track.

One Conveyor, Endless Applications:

  • Unmatched versatility: The TC-50 handles concrete, aggregate, sand, topsoil, and more with ease. It’s the perfect soil conveyor for sale and so much more!

  • Slash costs, boost efficiency: Reduce manual labor and optimize material handling with this innovative portable conveyor solution.

Unlock the TC-50 Advantage:

Transform your Texas construction projects with the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor. Contact Stout Conveyors today!