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Dirt Handling with the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor

At Stout Conveyors, we offer a groundbreaking solution that will transform your dirt handling operations – the TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor. This versatile and portable conveyor system is engineered to simplify the movement of soil, gravel, and other loose materials across a wide range of applications. With its innovative design, the TC-50 portable dirt conveyor promises efficiency, durability, and convenience, all wrapped up in a single package.
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The Dirt Handling Prowess of the TC-50

The TC-50‘s standout feature is its telescoping capability, which enables it to extend and reach precisely where you need it most. This makes it an invaluable tool for dirt handling tasks, whether you’re working on construction sites, landscaping projects, or agricultural operations. Let’s delve into the remarkable capabilities of this portable dirt conveyor:

Impressive Reach and Efficiency: The TC-50 boasts a 240-degree turning radius, allowing it to navigate tight spaces effortlessly. Its telescopic reach extends up to an impressive 50 feet, complemented by an additional 20 feet of slinging distance. This means the TC-50 can efficiently distribute material to precise locations, with an impressive throughput of 100 cubic yards per hour. No more time-consuming and labor-intensive manual dirt handling.

Built for the Toughest Environments: Dirt and gravel handling often takes place in challenging outdoor environments. That’s why the TC-50 is designed to withstand the rigors of such conditions. Its sturdy wheels and all-terrain mobility ensure it can tackle adverse outdoor environments with ease. Moreover, the TC-50 features measures to minimize dust generation, promoting a healthier and safer work environment for your team.

Versatile Dirt Handling Applications

The TC-50 Telescoping Conveyor as a portable dirt conveyor finds applications across an array of industries and tasks involving the transport of dirt and similar materials:

Excavation: Speed up your excavation projects by efficiently moving dirt from the dig site to the designated dump location, reducing project timelines and costs.

Landscaping: Whether you’re grading a yard, creating a new garden, or renovating a landscape, the TC-50 can simplify the process by precisely distributing soil or gravel.

Agriculture: Facilitate tasks such as soil transport, compost handling, and grain handling with ease, increasing agricultural productivity.

Construction: From backfilling trenches to managing construction debris, the TC-50 can streamline dirt handling tasks on construction sites of all sizes.

Event Setup & Cleanup: Ensure efficient event setup and cleanup by using the TC-50 to move dirt, gravel, or materials as needed for staging and outdoor events.

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High Productivity and Minimal Setup Time

The TC-50’s telescoping capability is a game-changer for productivity. It enables the conveyor to reach dirt piles, trenches, or construction areas with precision, minimizing the need for additional equipment or manual labor in moving dirt and similar materials. This, in turn, reduces project timeframes and labor costs. Plus, the TC-50 requires minimal setup time, typically taking just 5-10 minutes to get it up and running. Its wireless remote operation adds to the convenience, allowing for easy control and adjustment.

All-Terrain Mobility

Whether your work takes you to muddy construction sites, gravel roads, or rough terrain, the TC-50 conveyor is up for the challenge. Its durable wheels and all-terrain design ensure that it can navigate and operate effectively in a wide range of outdoor environments, enhancing its versatility and usefulness.
Why Stout Conveyors
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