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The TC-50 is transforming material handling with versatility and efficiency

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Introducing the TC-50 Towable Telescoping Conveyor: Revolutionizing Material Handling

Stout Conveyors, a pioneering force in the world of conveyor manufacturing, proudly presents the TC-50 Towable Telescoping Conveyor, incorporating advanced Telebelt technology. This cutting-edge material handling solution stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency. Engineered with precision, the TC-50 is a versatile telebelt conveyor system designed to streamline operations across a multitude of industries. With a focus on elevating efficiency, productivity, and safety while simultaneously reducing labor and equipment costs, the TC-50 Towable Telescoping Conveyor represents a leap forward in material handling technology.

A Conveyor for Every Industry: The TC-50’s Versatility with Telebelt

The TC-50 Towable Telescoping Conveyor isn’t limited by industry boundaries; it transcends them. This versatile solution finds applications across a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, retail, construction, and agriculture, among others. Regardless of the industry, the TC-50 can be counted on to handle various materials, including concrete, topsoil, fill dirt, sand, mulch, and aggregates 4” minus.


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100 Cubic Yards

Move Material Up To 100 Cubic Yards/hour

The TC-50 has a variable belt speed — a slower pace for placing concrete and a high speed for spreading applications.

70’ slinging Distance

Hit Every Corner With A 70' Slinging Distance

Utilizing our patented feed conveyor, a variety of materials can be machine-placed into the hopper, or directly loaded via dump truck or mixer.


Machine Set-up In 5 Minutes

Setting-up in as little as five minutes, the TC-50 stays mobile and flexible on an ever-changing job site.


Our Product


Accommodates dump trucks, skid steers, loaders, and mixers. Handles concrete, fill dirt, topsoil, mulch, sand, and aggregate to 4” minus.


50′ telescoping reach. 70′ slinging distance. 240° rotation. 5-minute set-up. Wireless remote operation.


100 cubic yards of material moved per hour. 7,205 square feet of coverage area reached in a single set up.

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