Simplify Material Handling

Stout Conveyors is transforming the telescoping conveyor market with the new TC-50, redefining how material is placed on job sites from 4” minus aggregate to concrete, and everything in between. With a strategically placed front-end hopper, 50’ + placement reach, and 240 degrees of rotation, any tough-to-navigate job site spot just became accessible.

Products telescoping conveyor

Maximized Productivity Minimized Footprint.

Compact Size

Despite its compact size, it can place material up to 100 CY/HR! The TC-50 was designed to be unhooked, set up, and running in    5-10 minutes; With its built-in pressure washer, clean-up is quick and seamless, too. Efficiency is paramount. Tried and true, crews refuse to do a job without the TC-50.

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