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The TC-50: Your Rock-Solid Solution for Efficient Material Handling

The TC-50 Telescopic Conveyor we offer at Stout Conveyors is a rugged, versatile material conveying solution designed to streamline the handling of heavy materials like rocks. As an innovative conveyor among rock conveyor systems, the TC-50 offers efficiency, precision, and durability for a variety of rock handling applications.
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The TC-50 as a Rock Conveyor

In the fast-paced world of construction, every minute counts. Whether you’re pouring concrete foundations, landscaping sprawling developments, or tackling intricate backfilling projects, having the right equipment makes all the difference. That’s where the TC-50 rock conveyor shines.

This versatile beast from Stout Conveyors isn’t just your average belt on wheels. It’s a powerhouse of productivity, engineered to conquer even the toughest material handling challenges with rocks, gravel, sand, and even concrete.

Built for Performance:

  • Unmatched Reach: Forget the limitations of short conveyors. The TC-50 boasts a 50-foot-plus reach, effortlessly blanketing large areas from a single setup. That translates to less time repositioning, and more time getting things done.
  • Adaptable to Any Terrain: With its heavy-duty tires and maneuverable design, the TC-50 tackles uneven ground, tight spaces, and tricky slopes with ease. No job site is too tough for this rock-taming machine.
  • Handles Anything You Throw at It: From fine sand to big rocks and even wet concrete, the TC-50’s durable belt and powerful motor handle a wide range of materials with confidence. No need for multiple conveyors or specialized equipment – the TC-50 does it all.

Boost Your Efficiency and Save Big:

  • Reduce Labor Costs: Ditch the wheelbarrows and shovels. The TC-50 automates material handling, minimizing manpower requirements and freeing up your crew for other tasks.
  • Slash Equipment Costs: Eliminate the need for multiple conveyors or specialized equipment. The TC-50’s versatility replaces a fleet with a single, efficient machine.
  • Cut Down on Time: With its impressive reach and fast belt speeds, the TC-50 gets the job done quicker, allowing you to move on to the next project faster.
Why Stout Conveyors
Material Handling Solutions

Safety First, Always:

Stout Conveyors prioritizes safety in every aspect of the TC-50’s design. From emergency stop buttons and guarding to intuitive controls and stable operation, the TC-50 keeps your crew safe and focused on the task at hand.

Investing in the TC-50 is an investment in your business. It’s a commitment to increased productivity, reduced costs, and a safer work environment. So, ditch the outdated methods and upgrade to the rock-solid performance of the TC-50. Contact Stout Conveyors today and experience the difference for yourself!

Additional Features to Consider:

  • Variable Belt Speed: Adjust the speed to match the material and application, ensuring optimal performance for every task.
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance: The TC-50 is designed for user-friendliness, minimizing downtime, and keeping your operation running smoothly.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials and components, the TC-50 is built to last, season after season.
  • Slinging Attachment: Maximize your reach and coverage with the optional slinging attachment, perfect for those hard-to-get-to corners.

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